Church Girls


We are an indie / post-punk band from Philadelphia, PA.

Our new album Hidalgo, produced by Erik Wofford (Black Angels, Explosions in the Sky), is now available on iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, and everywhere else.


Mariel Beaumont / Vocals, Guitar

Michael Liszka / Drums

Will Schwarz / Bass, Vocals

Joseph Wright / Guitar, Vocals


New video for Young Planes:

New single "Young Planes"

"A restless, urgent piece that fuses the fire and burning punk zeal of early Sleater-Kinney with the post-millennial anxieties and indie melodies of Angel Olsen"

-- PopMatters

New single "Better Off" from Hidalgo:

"'Better Off' feels as cleansing as a summer rainstorm. Melodic and rejuvenating ... underscored by hypnotizing vocals which feel both vintage and fresh."

-- Culture Collide

“'Better Off' is sunlit, intricately laced and [Hidalgo's] excellent first single”

-- The Autumn Roses

"Melodic electric guitar work and snappy drum riffs are at the core of ‘Better Off’”

-- XPN, The Key

"Her lush and stunning voice reels us into her story of hope and opportunity, of second chances and better times."

-- The Revue

New Single "Breaking Bones" from Hidalgo:

“A breathtaking, cinematic adventure”

-- The Revue

New single "Glass" from hidalgo:

"A speedy beat and scorching electric guitar that grows bigger and better with every verse"

-- XPN, The Key




Thousand Lives

by Church Girls