Church Girls


We are a female-led dreamy indie rock / post-punk band from Philadelphia.

Our new album Hidalgo, produced by Erik Wofford (Black Angels, Explosions in the Sky), is now available on iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, and everywhere else.


Mariel Beaumont / Vocals, Guitar

Robert Dwyer / Guitar

Will Schwarz / Bass, Vocals

Joseph Wright / Drums, Vocals


New single "Young Planes"

"A restless, urgent piece that fuses the fire and burning punk zeal of early Sleater-Kinney with the post-millennial anxieties and indie melodies of Angel Olsen"

-- PopMatters

New single "Better Off" from Hidalgo:

"'Better Off' feels as cleansing as a summer rainstorm. Melodic and rejuvenating ... underscored by hypnotizing vocals which feel both vintage and fresh."

-- Culture Collide

“'Better Off' is sunlit, intricately laced and [Hidalgo's] excellent first single”

-- The Autumn Roses

"Melodic electric guitar work and snappy drum riffs are at the core of ‘Better Off’”

-- XPN, The Key

"Her lush and stunning voice reels us into her story of hope and opportunity, of second chances and better times."

-- The Revue

New Single "Breaking Bones" from Hidalgo:

“A breathtaking, cinematic adventure”

-- The Revue

New single "Glass" from hidalgo:

"A speedy beat and scorching electric guitar that grows bigger and better with every verse"

-- XPN, The Key




Thousand Lives

by Church Girls